Bright Reeboks That Brightened My Day

Bright Reeboks That Brightened My Day

Welcome to Best Buys for Busy Babes, I'm so glad you're here! Let's jump in, it's gonna be fun, pinky swear.

Over the next few weeks, months, years (gasp) you will learn a little about me. At the top of that list it says "LOVES COLOR". The truth is out, I am not one bit scared of the rainbow and using every crayon in the box. Insert these old school Reeboks that tickled my fancy. I was reeled in by the colors, stayed for the comfort and the fact that everywhere I went they turned heads.

Backstory/bunny trail time. I have a 15 year old...THAT WEARS A SIZE 15 SHOE. I'm not yelling at you, caps = drama and a size 15 when you're only 15 is DRAMATIC. These shoes just happened to come in a size 15, added to cart. Oh and throw some in for Mom because what 15 year old by doesn't want to match their Mom? It's fine, he's fine.

So I slipped these on, went about my day and HONEY. I got 6 compliments. No lie. SIX people in a matter of a few hours told me they liked my shoes and I was flabbergasted. If I saw someone in these shoes I would totally compliment them too! They are cheery and fun and I want people to know I am cheery and fun!

At this point I decided I had to style them a new way to fit my everyday life because everyone needed to see these shoes. The Brilliant Red Maxi Dress was an obvious fit, I was obsessed with the dress already. Throw on a denim jacket and I felt like I was giving off major cool Mom vibes. So much so I made a Tik Tok about it. My business is on Tik Tok but I have no business on Tik Tok lol.

Did I mention they are comfortable? The whole look is so comfy, cute and colorful. Win, win, win. If you aren't into "in your face" sneakers, there are several colors to choose from at a price of around $80, some less depending on color and size. Links are below, get yourself the look babe!

XoXo, A Masterpiece Momma



Shoes: Reebok Classic Legacy Sneaker

Dress: Brilliant Red Maxi Dress Size 1X-3X

Dress: Sizes Small-XL


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